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Unique Party Theme Ideas

Bored of the same old "Princess and Pirates" themed party?

Fear not!

At Princess Party Squad, we have put together a range of unique themes to give your party that wow factor! And of course, we have a character to match every theme! 😉

All of the activities on our Packages page can be customised to fit any of these Unique themes, and because we specialise in mixed groups of boys and girls, the themes are designed with boys and girls in mind!

All white Unicorn Theme Party

Unicorns are definitely the trend of 17/18, so much so that we have created our very own Unicorn Princess! The costumes are super simple - all white with lots of glitter and gems. Get the boys involved too by adapting the theme to Unicorns and Knights!

Colour Theme Party

A really easy and effective theme is to ask your guests to come head to toe in a specific colour! Mummies love this one as it's really easy to put together, decorations are easy to find, and it looks super effective! TIP: make the birthday child stand out by dressing them in a completely different colour!

Rainbow Theme Party

Like the colour theme party, the rainbow theme party asks your guests to dress in one particular colour, of their choice! The result: Your guests will make up all the colours of the rainbow!

Animals and Insects

Butterflies (basically a fairy with antennas), ladybirds, frogs. Dress in all black with antennaes to be an ANT! Add wings to be a DRAGON FLY. This is quite a simple theme, needing a bit of creativity. You can even theme your food to look like insects!

Pijama Party

This one is just as easy as rolling out of bed and showing up!

Mermaids and Pirates

A great theme for all those who love everything under the sea! And it's easy for the boys too! With a scarf as a bandana and an eye patch, hey presto, they are a pirate! You can even go all out, and order yourself a blow up mermaid shell like this mummy did at one of our parties! 😍

Mad Hatter Party

This is a really fun theme not only for kids, but for grown ups too! Invite our Alice in Wonderland to a party where everything is not what it seems! There's loads of character options too - fairies, sailors, white rabbit. Extra points if mummy dresses up as the Queen of Hearts! And don't forget the flamingos!

Heros/Heroines and Villains Theme party

We love this! Broad yet specific at the same time! Invite our WONDERWOMAN, SPIDERGIRL, DARTH VADER or even POISON IVY to this party! This works for almost every disney character too, so you can be sure your guests will have something to wear for this theme! We can easily adapt our games on the activities page to suit the fight of good vs evil. But in the end, who will win?

Neverland Party

Another one that's super easy for both boys and girls! Think fairies, mermaids, pirates and lost boys! Invite our Tinkerbell, or Pirate Princess for the perfect party, complete with treasure hunt, and of course, lots of pixie dust!

Hawaiian Party

This is a very easy one to carry off, and great for the summer! Think Hawaiian necklaces, sunglasses and even grass skirts. Our Zumba style Mini disco goes great with this theme, and so does Moana!

Want to keep it Classic? We've got you covered!

Princess and Pirates Theme party

Princess and Superhero Theme party

Disney Theme party

Storybook characters Theme party

Peppa Pig Theme party

Trolls Theme party

& more!

Do you have any snazzy ideas for unique themes? We would LOVE to hear them! Comment below!


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